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Default Cheap Stitched Jerseys

It was an indication that the grind of training camp had set in.
PITTSFORD, N.Y. (AP) ? A couple of days after one of their most heated practices of training camp,Wholesale Jerseys, the Buffalo Bills will welcome the opportunity to practice against somebody else this week.
Early in the session, an unusual scene unfolded when around 20 players on offense and defense ? led by running back Fred Jackson and safety Aaron Williams ? converged around midfield to exchange words. The sides were participating in completely separate drills.
The 33-year-old running back recognizes the value in practicing against another team, but isn't looking forward to the additional increase in intensity at this stage of the preseason.
The trip appears to be coming at a good time for Buffalo.
"We're looking forward to going in against an organization that is a physical team, that is a tough team, a team that has won in the past," Bills coach Doug Marrone said. "I think we're excited about being able to compete with them."

No punches were thrown, but several players had to be restrained.
"You get tired of looking at the same faces," said Jackson,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who considers Williams one of his best friends on the team. "You're going up against the same guys and things are going to get a little chippy, a little chirpy, and that's part of it. That's training camp. That's what training camp is about. We gnaw that stuff out once we get to the season; we know we just have to get through everything together and we're going to be who we have to rely on."
"It's just going to be two days of games, it's going to be a game on Wednesday and a game on Thursday and then on Friday we get a day off and then a game on Saturday. But it is what it is.
The Bills will soon head to Latrobe, Pa., for a pair of joint practices with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday and Thursday. That will be followed by a preseason game between the teams in Pittsburgh on Saturday.
"I'm looking forward to getting together with the Steelers,Cheap Jerseys From China," Manuel said. "I'm very good friends with Coach Tomlin, we're from the same area. I saw him a few weeks ago before we came here. He told me whatever look we need as an offense he'll give it to us. It's going to be very competitive, we're going to try and treat it like three days of a game. Each day of practice, we'll try and treat it like a game."
Tempers were heating up at the team's Sunday afternoon practice, which was the second practice in back-to-back days after Buffalo's preseason game against Carolina on Friday.
On the flip side,NFL Cheap Jerseys, second-year quarterback EJ Manuel is relishing the chance to go up against another team in practice.
"We've got to do that and get through it and go up there and take every possible advantage of it and get better."
"Not at all," Jackson said when asked if he was looking forward to the trip.
Jackson, Buffalo's team leader on offense, has mixed feelings about the trip to Pittsburgh.
After a difficult start to training camp,NFL Jerseys China, Manuel has made strides in recent days and is eager to test his skills against a different defense. He's also looking forward to reconnecting with Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin,Wholesale China Jerseys, whom he knows from his hometown in Virginia.
Buffalo's last scheduled practice before the trip on Tuesday morning was canceled due to rain.
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