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Default Cheap NHL Jerseys

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) ? Wide receiver DeSean Jackson likes what he's seeing from Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins' other two quarterbacks through the first five days of training camp.
Second-year coach Jay Gruden says he also has seen progress from his starter.
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"He's been doing fine. Just going back to the basics, really. We're continuing to build off what we did last year and then obviously in OTAs. It's just all about repetition now and gaining more knowledge of the system and anticipation and a feel for the throws and the protections and the run game," he said. "Obviously a quarterback has a lot on his plate and any time we get a chance to go out here and practice against our defense and he's got to make sound, quick decisions, that's a good thing.
"I definitely have seen progression in RG3 and all the other quarterbacks this year too," the speedy receiver said Monday before the team worked in full pads for the first time.
"Sometimes I block or run my route and turn around and watch him make a play and I'm like, 'Man. That was a nice pass,'" Morris said, adding that he watches Griffin sometimes while standing on the sideline. "Just see him reading his progressions,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, watching his eye progression when I'm not in there sometimes,NBA Jerseys From China, (he's) just going from one progression to the next in receivers. I think he worked really hard this offseason and in OTAs and now going into camp,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, he's still doing it.
"We just went 80 yards in a 2-minute drive,China NFL Jerseys," left tackle Trent Williams said after practice. "That was all him, just decision making, hitting guys on time and getting the ball out of his hand. I think he's doing a great job and continuing the progress."
Griffin showed off some of his better understanding of things during Monday's practice.
"He's been looking good."
It's a sign of growth that leading running back Alfred Morris has noticed, too, and is excited about. Morris ran for 1,074 yards and eight touchdowns last season and figures a healthy,Wholesale China Jerseys, dual-threat Griffin can only make running the ball easier.
"I feel like he's on a steady climb and we've just got to keep him that way."
"I think it's a year-to-year basis," he said. "Them guys are young. They have some experience early in their career. They just kind of have to build on that, but I've definitely being seeing them guys out here making some great throws, tremendous reads and getting the ball to where it needs to go to at the right time."
Notes: Gruden said rookie cornerback Tevin Mitchel is going to have surgery on his left labrum and likely is out for the year. ... Running back Matt Jones sat out Monday with a sore knee and is day-to-day.
For the year, Griffin completed almost 69 percent of his attempts (147 of 214) for 1,694 yards, but with just four touchdown passes and six interceptions.
The Redskins used Griffin, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy behind center last season, and Jackson says that can only be a positive. Griffin was sidelined by a dislocated left ankle early in the season, giving way to Cousins,Authentic Jerseys China, and Griffin then was benched so McCoy could play. Griffin returned late in the season and played in nine games as the team finished 4-12.
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